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Press on! The Prize is Just in View! Don Fortner

(Tune: #414 — Am I a Soldier? — CM)


1.    Beloved of God, redeemed, elect,

WeÕre precious in His sight.

Fear not, dear saints, God will protect

His chosen, day and night.


2.    Your fiery trials and your foes,

And all the tempterÕs snares;

Your deep distress, your Savior knows.

On Him cast all your cares.


3.    This is no strange thing, saints of old

Passed through the fire to God.

This is the way, as we are told,

The consecrated road.


4.    Press on! The prize is just in view!

The struggle canÕt be long!

Almighty grace shall bring you through,

To join the ransomÕd throng!







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