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Predestinating Love Don Fortner

(Tune: The Doxology — LM)


1.    We sing of God’s own fixed decree,

The work of the Eternal Three,

In “the counsel of peace” above: —

Our God’s predestinating love!


2.    All that concerns the chosen race,

In nature, providence, and grace.

Where they shall dwell — and when remove,

Fixed by predestinating love.


3.    Our ransom, call, and keeping here,

Our conflicts, trials, and daily care,

Were all for us arranged above,

By God’s predestinating love!


4.    Let ransomed souls in this rejoice, —

Our God will not revoke His choice;

Nothing can alter, change, or move

Our God’s predestinating love!


5.    Sweet comfort, joy, and blessed peace

We find in this great work of grace!

In life, in death, in realms above,

We’ll sing predestinating love!




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