Don Fortner

(Tune: Brethren, We Have Met To Worship#15†† 87.87.D)

Praise The God of all creation,

Praise Him for His mighty works.

Men, and angels, and all creatures

Have their being by His word.

We were made for Godís own pleasure,

For the honor of His name.

Let us then fulfil our purpose

And proclaim our Makerís fame.



Praise the God of all dominion,

For His sovereign providence.

From His lofty throne in heaven

He controls all earthís events!

For the good of those Heís chosen

God works all things together

For His power, grace, and wisdom

Give praise to God, our Father.


Praise the God of great salvation,

Who gave Jesus Christ, His Son,

To accomplish our redemption

By His precious blood alone.

Praise Him for the Holy Spirit

Who awakened us from death,

Who, by grace we could not resist,

Revealed Christ and gave us faith.