Don Fortner


(Tune: How Firm A Foundation  #268 11.11)


Praise God and adore Him, extol His great name!

His honor, and glory, and praises proclaim!

Our Father, we praise You for all You have done

For lost, helpless sinners through Jesus Your Son!


You chose us, redeemed us, and saved us from death;

Your Spirit has called us, and given us faith:

We trace every blessing to Your sov'reign throne,

Your cov'nant and purpose of grace in Your Son.


Saved by Your free grace and redeemed by Christ's blood

We are not our own, we belong to our God!

O help us our Father, throughout our life's days,

In thought, words, and actions to show forth Your praise.


And when, by Your grace, we at last have arrived,

Arrayed in white garments, with Christ glorified,

We'll perfectly praise You in heaven above,

Forever adoring Your grace and your love.