Don Fortner


Christ, the Lord, has come to earth

See the wonder of His birth-

He who is the mighty God

Takes upon Him flesh and blood!

Angels wonder and adore

As they watch their humbled Lord;

Fallen man He came to heal,

His Father's purpose to fulfill.

Praise the Lord throughout the earth,

Praise Him for His gracious birth!

Proclaim on earth God's wondrous plan,

Now there's hope for ruined man:

God's righteous law He obeyed,

Living as our rightful Head;

For our sin atonement made,

With His blood, the price He paid-

Justice now is satisfied,

God and man are reconciled!

For His life and for His death,

Praise the Lord our Righteousness.


Now He reigns, our glorious King,

All His ransomed ones to bring

To Him in faith and righteousness,

Grace and mercy, perfect peace.

Soon our Lord will come again;

We with Him on high shall reign-

We will see the God-man here

And eternal glory share!

Praise our Savior and our King,

Praise Him for His glorious reign!


(Tune: Hark! the Herald Angels Sing)

77.77. Double with Refrain