Don Fortner


Sovereign Ruler, Lord of all,

Prostrate at Your feet I fall.

You are holy, wise and just;

I'm a creature of the dust.

All things move at Your command,

Governed by Your mighty hand.

Heaven, earth and hell I see,

Fulfill all Your wise decree.

Dares a man resist his Lord,

Stand against the sovereign God?

I will bow before Your throne

Seeking grace in Christ, Your Son.


Through His blood and righteousness,

Lord, I plead with You for grace-

If You will, You can, I know,

Grace and mercy to me show.

Will You, Lord, my soul forgive,

Grant this sinner grace to live?


I've no other hope but this-

Jesus' blood and righteousness.

Now I'm conquered by Your grace.

In the dust I hide my face.

Give me Christ, or else I die!

I upon Your grace rely.


Oh, for mercy, now I plead,

Grant me, Lord, the grace I need.

Turn, O turn, to me and say-

"All your sins are washed away:

In My Son your debt is paid,

He for you the ransom made!"


(Tune: Rock of Ages)