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Our Refuge is in JacobŐs God Don Fortner

(Tune: #223 —Arise, My Soul, Arise — 66.66.88)

1.    Born of a guilty race, exposed to death and hell,

WeŐre saved by sovŐreign grace, with JacobŐs God to dwell.

Rejoice, give thanks, and sing aloud —

Our Refuge is in JacobŐs God.

2.    JehovahŐs covŐnant grace, and JesusŐ wounded side,

Our Rock and Hiding Place is God Who for us died.

Be gone all doubts! Be gone all fear! —

Our Refuge, JacobŐs God, is near!

3.    In vain our foes assail. In vain does Satan roar.

They never can prevail. WeŐre safe for evermore!

For JacobŐs God, our Refuge says,

ŇI will be with thee, and will bless!Ó







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