Our God, How Faithful — Don Fortner

(Tune: #267 — All Things Work out for Good — CM)


1.    Our God, how faithful are Your ways

To all Your chosen race!

Oh, teach us to show forth Your praise,

And triumph in Your grace!


2.    Faithful to Your decrees of love,

Your covÕnant and Your Son

Faithful to finish that above,

Which grace has here begun!


3.    Faithful to evÕry promise givÕn,

Though we unfaithful prove:

In Christ theyÕre all ÒYea and Amen,Ó —

Abounding grace and love!


4.    Faithful amidst ten thousand woes,

To comfort and defend;

Faithful to vanquish all our foes,

And faithful to the end!





Don Fortner



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