Our God Has Sent A Faithful ManDon Fortner

(Tune: The Doxology — LM)


For the Ordination of Clay Curtis

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church — Princeton, NJ


1.    How blest we are that in this place

We hear the gospel of Godís grace!

Our God has sent a faithful man

To show His wondírous, saving plan.


2.    Defend Your servant and protect

This man by whom our souls are fed;

Though but a man, he is the man,

Our God, through whom Your Word descends.


3.    Gird him with all-sufficient grace,

Direct his feet in paths of peace,

Sustain him by Your mighty hand,

Love, save and keep him to the end!


4.    Inflame his soul, inspire his heart,

And speak through him, Lord, to our hearts;

Make chosen sinners see and praise

The wonders of redeeming grace!




Don Fortner



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