Our Father’s in Control!Don Fortner

(Tune: #497 — When I Can Read My Title Clear — CM)


1.    Who dares dispute Jehovah’s right

To universal rule?

This is our comfort and delight —

Our Father’s in control!

2.    Rejoice, rejoice, our Father reigns;

Heav’n, earth, and hell, shall know

That what His sov’reign will ordains

No pow’r can overthrow.

3.    All worlds obey our .Father’s nod,

And His decrees fulfil;

The arm of Israel’s cov’nant God,

Performs His sov’reign will.

4.    Then all is well, though man complains

In unbelief and pride,

Since God our Father ever reigns,

Beneath His wings we’ll hide!









Don Fortner



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