One With Christ — Don Fortner

(Tune: #497 — When I Can Read My Title Clear — CM)


  1. O wondrous, gracious mystery! O height and depth of love! —

With Christ we died upon the tree, with Him we live above!


  1. The Son of God a Man became, that He might live and die,

That He might righteousness bring in and justice satisfy.


  1. Our sins and guilt He made His own, — He took the cup of wrath!

And with our Sur’ty we were one, when He accomplished death!


  1. Ascended now in glory high, still one with Christ we are.

Enthroned with Him we cannot die. None can His body mar.


  1. Christ lives in us and we in Him, for we with Christ are one;

And as He is we are in him, for He with us is one!