On HeavenŐs High, Eternal Throne — Don Fortner

(Tune: #415 — Ye Christian Heralds — LM)


1.    On heavenŐs high, eternal throne,

By GodŐs decree (the Three-in-One),

Jehovah-Jesus holds His seat,

And worlds lie prostrate at His feet!


2.    The glories of the Lamb divine,

Upon the heavŐnly angels shine;

Each waits the orders of His word,

And by them all, He is adored.


3.    His FatherŐs will and His are one;

All heavenŐs empire is His own;

He rules the universe with ease;

And all things hang on His decrees!


4.    All that the Father is He claims: —

His honors, attributes, and names.

He spread the starry skies abroad,

And heavŐn and earth proclaim Him God!


5.    Yes, Jesus Christ, the Man, is God,

The One Who bought us with His blood, —

Jehovah-Jesus, blessed Lamb,

Eternal God, the great ŇI AM!Ó







Don Fortner



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