Of IsraelÕs CovÕnant God I BoastDon Fortner


(Tune: #43 — All Hail the Power —CM)



1.    Of IsraelÕs covÕnant God I boast,

With ZionÕs sons I walk,

The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Our God, our Help, our Rock!

2.    Of Him belovÕd before the fall,

Through Him salvation came,

To Him I owe my life, my all, —

All glory to His name.


3.    Of Him I gain a right to heavÕn,

Through Him IÕm justified,

To Him my helpless soul is givÕn,

And with Him glorified!


4.    Of Him I love to speak and sing,

Through Him IÕve joy and peace,

To Him my guilt and shame I bring,

And triumph in His grace.


5.    Of Him I daily grace receive,

Through Him my joys abound,

To Him I bow, on Him believe, —

With Him I shall be crownÕd.


6.    My FatherÕs everlasting love,

My SaviorÕs precious name,

My TeacherÕs unction from above, —

All praise and glory claim.










Don Fortner



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