Of Him, Through Him and To HimDon Fortner

(Tune: # 414 — Am I a Soldier of the Cross? — CM)


1.    Arise, my soul, Jehovah own —

Our faithful, covŐnant God!

ŇOf Him, through Him, to Him alone,

Is all,Ó declares His Word.


2.    Of God the FatherŐs sovŐreign choice,

Of God the SaviorŐs grace,

Of God the SpiritŐs mighty voice,

Lives all the chosen race!


3.    Through God the FatherŐs purposed good,

Through God the SpiritŐs might,

Through GodŐs the SonŐs atoning blood,

We have eternal life!


4.    To God the Father praise belongs,

To God the Son we sing,

To God the Spirit all the throng

Of saints shall glory bring!





Don Fortner



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