OUR FOURFOLD STATE††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Don Fortner

(Tune: Come, Thou Fount†† #17†††† 87.87D)


We were by our God created

In His image innocent,

Upright in our father Adam,

But how great was our descent!

When our father in the garden

Dared to sin against his God,

All our race at once was ruined,

Lost, condemned, banished from God!


Children of our father Adam,

We were born in death and sin.

Ceaseless vile imaginations

Rise within the heart of man.

Each one by his choice pursuing

Sin and every lust unclean,

Sinners all by birth and nature,

Helplessly depraved, obscene!


But our God, whoís rich in mercy,

Has from Adamís fallen race

Chosen for Himself a people

To be saved by sovíreign grace.

Every chosen, ransomed sinner

He will save by His free grace.

We who trust His Son, Christ Jesus,

Now are in a state of grace. </P>


Gladly, we Godís grace acknowledge -

We are saved by grace alone!

Grace chose us, and grace pursued us -

Grace gave us faith in Godís Son!

Soon we hope to be in glory

With our Savior face to face.

In that endless state of glory,

Weíll be trophies of free grace! -