Don Fortner


(Tune: Hail, Thou Once Despised Jesus!  #145 87.87.D)


Oft I sin against my Savior,

Often do the things I hate.

Though I struggle and despise it,

Sin is in my members yet.

If I pray, my sin is present

To defile my warmest plea.

If I try to read or worship,

Still this monster lives in me.



Can a person be a christian

Who is such a sinful wretch,

One whose every thought and action

Is so full of wickedness?

This I know - If my assurance

Depends on my holiness,

Or on my righteous attainments,

Then I'm lost in hopelessness.



But my hope is in Another

And the work which He has done.

I trust Jesus Christ my Savior,

While my sinfulness I own.

Christ alone is my salvation

And my full assurance too.

In the teeth of my transgressions,

Blessed Savior, I trust You!