Don Fortner


(Tune: This Is My Father's World  #39 SMD)


The dreadful plague of sin

Within my heart is felt!

In thought and deed I am unclean,

Though pardoned of all guilt.

O wretched man I am!

My sin mars all I do!

When I have done the best I can

I nothing good can do. </P>


When good I would perform,

My sin is present still;

Corruption rises like a storm

And blasts the good I will.

If peace I seek and love,

Envy and pride appear.

I want to be like Christ I love,

But never shall be here.


While in this world I'll fight

This warfare in my breast,

Until my Savior ends the fight

And brings me home to rest.

The strife will not be long!

My hope is not in vain!

God will complete what He's begun;

In heav'n with Christ I'll reign!