O The Sweet Wonders of the Cross!Don Fortner

(Tune: #308 — Higher Ground — LMD )


1.       O the sweet wonders of the cross, the cross where God, my Savior, died!

Eternal life my spirit draws from Jesus Christ, the crucified.

Oh, let the praises of His name forevermore engage my tongue!

Adore, my heart, and trust the Lamb, the Lamb who sits upon the throne!


2.       Love, beyond conception great, that found a Ransom for my soul,

By which God can, by truth and grace, in sov’reign mercy make me whole!

In Jesus crucified I see how grace abounds and justly reigns

To save a guilty wretch like me, while God his justice yet sustains.


3.       Yes, justice reigns, and mercy too. In Jesus crucified they meet.

He paid to justice all its’ due, and fills with grace the mercy-seat!

Such are the wonders of the cross, and God’s amazing love and grace,

Which saved me from eternal loss, shining in my Redeemer’s face!