O Solemn Day when, Christ shall Come!Don Fortner

(Tune: #497 — When I can Read My Title Clear — CM)


1.    O solemn day when, Christ shall come,

To judge our fallen race,

And fetch His ransomed people home,

As trophies of his grace.


2.    His saints shall meet Him in the air,

In His own righteousness;

His endless glory we shall share, —

Made meet for heavÕnly bliss!


3.    By GodÕs free grace we have obtained

Salvation full and free;

In Christ we live, with Him weÕll reign,

When heavÕn and earth shall flee!


4.    Then we shall gaze upon the face

Of Him we trust and love;

Enwrapped in His Divine embrace,

And glorified above!







Don Fortner



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