Don Fortner


(Tune: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear    #90  CMD)


O Lord, our Lord, Your name we praise, How excellent it is!

    Above the heavens You have set Your glory - Christ Jesus!

    Out of the mouth of babes, like us, You have ordained Your praise;

    And by their voice Your enemies You shall subdue by grace.



The heavens, and the moon and stars, (The work of your fingers!)

    When I consider them, my heart To greater wonders turn - 

    Oh, what is man, that You, our God, Should be mindful of him?

    What is the son of man, that God Should come to visit him?



In Your own image we were made Lower than the angels,

    But over all the earth we reigned Until by sin we fell.

    Yet, You were mindful of Your own To visit us with grace:

    In human flesh, great God, You came To save a chosen race!



In Christ we’re crowned with glory now Greater than we had lost,

    Accepted as the sons of God Above angelic hosts!

    O Lord, our Lord, Your name we praise: (How excellent it is!)

    Come, visit us today with grace, And show us Your greatness.