Don Fortner


(Tune:  Higher Ground #308 LMD)



Though long I walked the rebel's path

And ran from God, a child of wrath,

The Lord in sovereign mercy came

And pardoned all my sin and blame!

Awakened by the Spirit's call

From death incurred by Adam's fall,

God gave me faith!  Grace broke my chains!

I trust the Lamb for sinners slain!


I have no righteousness, I know,

By anything that I can do.

But, still, the law gives no distress,

Christ is the Lord my Righteousness!

His righteousness is fully mine,

Imputed by God's wise design,

And with His righteous garments on,

I am as holy as God's Son!


Complete in Christ alone I stand,

Who met for me the law's demands:

When He had brought in righteousness,

Christ died in this poor sinner's place!

Freed from the law, in Christ I'm free!

It's curses shall not fall on me!

Since Jesus lives and died for me,

O hallelujah!  Now I'm, free!