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O Gift of Gifts! O Grace of Faith! Don Fortner

(Tune: #497 — When I can Read My Title Clear —CM)


1.    O gift of gifts! O grace of faith!

My God, how can it be

That You, in mercy, grace, and love,

Should give that gift to me?

2.    Ah, grace, into the most depraved

It is your boast to come;

The glory of your light to find

In darkest hearts a home!

3.    How can they live, how will they die,

How bear the load of grief,

Who have not yet God’s gift of life,

Who do not Christ believe?

4.    The crowd of cares, the weightiest cross,

Afflictions all are light;

Earth’s charms are dull, temptations foiled,

When faith looks up to Christ.

5.    O happy, happy, blest I am,

By God’s great gift of faith!

The conquering victory of life,

What shall it be in death?




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