Don Fortner


(Tune: From Every Stormy Wind That Blows #355 LM)


O blessed are the peacemakers!

They shall be called the sons of God!

Saved by His grace they are the heirs

Of everlasting life in God.


Strife and division satan brings,

Seeking to ruin Your church, O God;

Protect us from his vile designs;

Teach us to serve each other's good.


Your blessed gospel we'll defend,

And from its truth must never stray,

And if it costs us every friend,

For Christ, the price we'll gladly pay.


But keep us, Lord, from petty zeal,

That seeks its own and not Your praise;

Let us be servants of good will,

Promoting unity and peace.


Lord, search our hearts, find and destroy

The passions of our foolish pride;

Our thoughts, and words, and deeds employ

For good, that You be glorified.