None, but Jesus!Don Fortner

(Tune: #291 — Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah — 87.87.47)


1.    Sinners sunk in degradation,

Guilty, ruined, base and vile,

What can give you consolation?

How can you be reconciled?

None, but Jesus,

Man to God can reconcile.

2.    ThundÕring loud your condemnation,

Hear the broken law of God!

Flee to Christ (HeÕs GodÕs salvation!)

Trust His sin-atoning blood!

None, but Jesus,

Can do guilty sinners good.

3.    Christ obtained a full salvation

For the objects of His love.

He is IsraelÕs consolation.

Trust Him now; His mercy prove!

None, but Jesus,

Can your load of guilt remove.

4.    Lord, receive our adoration;

Let the heavÕns Your praise resound

Everlasting, full salvation

In the Son of God weÕve found!

None, but Jesus,

By His ransomed ones is crowned!





Don Fortner



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