No Sinner at the Throne of Grace was Ever Yet Denied

(Tune: #46 Ė O For A Thousand Tongues -- CM) ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Don Fortner


1. Oh, what a sweet, delightful sound The gospelís message is!

††† No sweeter music can be found. The soul that knows it lives!


2. In Christ all blessedness is found, Eternal, rich, and free!

††† O sinner, hear the joyful sound, -- Thereís hope for you and me!


3. In Christ thereís pardon, free and full, In Christ the Lamb once slain!

††† His blood can cleanse and make you whole. It cleanses every stain!


4. The vilest sinner out of hell The Saviorís blood may plead.

††† Come, sue for grace, confess and tell Before Godís throne your need.


5. For mercy cry unto the Lord, And plead the Saviorís name.

††† Hereís hope: -- Itís written in His Word That Mercy is His name!


6. No sinner at the throne of grace Was ever yet denied,

††† Who looked for pardon, peace, and grace To Jesus crucified!