Don Fortner


Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior

Reigns upon His throne forever:

Nothing ever, ever happens,

But for good to Christ's redeemed ones.


He Who bought us will protect us;

His name is our mighty Fortress:

Though our foes be all around us,

In His hands Christ safely holds us.


Daily food and ample shelter,

Jesus promised to His follow'r:

Never has a need arisen,

But what He supplied from heaven.


Christ is full of loving kindness,

He is sov'reign, wise and gracious,

Faithful to His cov'nant people:

Let us never more be fearful.


For the honor of our Savior,

Let us trust His love and favor:

Be content with His provision

And the joy of His salvation.


(Tune: More Secure is No One Ever)

Long Meter Trochaic 88.88.