My Hope is Christ Himself Within Don Fortner

(Tune: #142 — Jesus Shall Reign —LM)


1.        When Jesus Christ was crucified, the mighty God, Jehovah, died!

The sinless One, made sin for me, that God might justly set me free.


2.        Atonement made, redemption done, made righteous by Your dying Son,

With confidence, my God, I come, a sinner, to Your holy throne.


3.        Born of Your Spirit, IÕm assured that, one with Jesus, I am pure.—

Yes, pure in Christ, in grace I stand, my Hope is Christ himself within!


4.        With Jesus I was crucified, and live by faith in Him who died. —

The life I live by faith, I see, is Christ my God, living in me.


5.        Christ is the Lord my Righteousness, by imputation and by grace. —

The God, who died at Calvary, is the new man who lives in me!