My Helpless Soul On Christ Relies†††††

Don Fortner

(Tune: The Solid Rock #272††††† 88.88.88)


I trace my hope to Godís decree, And to His sacrifice for me,

To Christ the Lamb who for my sin Was slain before the world began!



My helpless soul on Christ relies. Redeeming mercy never dies!



My hope shall stillunshaken stay When heavín and earth have passed away,

††† For Jesusí blood, through earth and skies, ďMercy, eternal mercy,Ē cries!



I know that Jesus died for me, For with my sins to Him I flee;

††† And leaning on my Saviorís breast I find my blessed sabbath rest!



From guilt and sin I now am free, Looking to Christ who died for me.

††† Be gone all doubt and anxious fear. Pardon complete is written here!



Though strength, and health, and friends be gone, And every comfort be withdrawn,

††† Still, I must cling to Godís dear Son And what He has for sinners done.



Though my heart fails and flesh decays, Though earthís foundations melt away,

††† Christís blood shall still my soul sustain! Here, by Godís grace, I will remain.