My God, I Thank You for Your SonDon Fortner

(Tune: My Faith Has Found a Resting Place #228 — CMD)

1.    Praise God, all saints, for His free grace and everlasting love;

He chose us in eternity. — O matchless grace and love!


Refrain: My God, I thank You for Your Son and all Your grace in Him,

         For righteousness, atoning blood, and pardon for my sin!


2.    Before in Adam we had sinned and gone astray from God,

God made a covenant with His Son, to save us by His blood.


3.    In the fulness of time He sent His Son into the world,

To ransom sinners, (Bless His name!), according to His Word.


4.    And in the time of love He sent His Holy Spirit down

To call us from our sins and death to life in Christ, His Son.


5.    Chosen, redeemed and sealed, we are saved by almighty grace,

In Jesus Christ forever saved by God’s almighty grace!









Don Fortner



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