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ŇMy BelovedÓ Don Fortner

(Tune: #342 — Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone —CM)


1.    Savior, the glories of Your face

Compel my heart to sing,

To sing the mercy, love, and grace

Of my BelovŐd, my King.


2.    You are the FatherŐs chief delight;

Your beauty angels view. —

All fair You are in ZionŐs sight,

And my Belov-ed too.


3.    Of You, the ancient prophets wrote,

Of You let Israel sing;

And heavenŐs choir, in every note,

Praise my BelovŐd, our King.


4.    Your precious name shall joy impart

To all who are Your own. —

In life and death, O may my heart

Be my Belov-edŐs throne!







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