Mighty to Save Don Fortner

(Tune: #183 — Faith of Our Fathers 88.88.88)


1.        Mighty to save is Christ the Lamb! Let us adore and praise His name.

With one accord proclaim abroad the wondrous works of Christ our God.

Oh, let us make His goodness known, Whose blood for all our sins atoned!


2.        Mighty to save! Oh, yes, He is! Nor can the ransomed soul resist,

Though by his sin and hell oppressed, the power of His sov’reign grace!

When the fixed time of love has come, He brings the chosen sinner home!


3.        Mighty to save! Oh, trust His name, for Jesus is today the same!

O sinner lost and wretched, too, He came to save such worms as you!

He, Who for sinners lived and died, to save the lost now reigns on high!


4.        Mighty to save! Let Zion sing, the praises of her God and King,

The King of Grace and Glory, too! His love no change can ever know!

Let sinners saved, with cheerful voice, in Christ our mighty God rejoice!