Mercy Speaks by Blood DivineDon Fortner

(Tune: #393 Take My life and Let It Be 77.77 )


Mercy speaks by blood divine,

Peace to this poor heart of mine.

Justice satisfied by blood

Reconciles me to my God!


The just God, my Savior, too,

Has for me made all things new!

“Justice satisfied for me,”

Is this ransomed sinner’s plea.


Here God’s attributes all meet,

And in sov’reign mercy speak,

“Sinners welcome, sinners, come,

By the blood of Jesus come!”


Should the law against you roar,

Hear Christ intercede with pow’r,

           “This poor sinner trusting me,

Ransomed, must and shall go free!”


Peace of conscience, peace with God,

Peace by faith in Jesus’ blood,

Here’s our blessed sabbath rest,

Trusting Christ our souls are blest!