Make Your Chosen Dead Now Live — Don Fortner

(Tune: #400 — Jesus, and Shall it Ever Be — 400)

1.    Savior, Your holy Unction give,

And make Your chosen dead now live:

Fulfil Your blessed cov’nant word, —

Give life to chosen sinners, Lord!


2.    Are they not Yours, though lost and dead?

Are You not still their cov’nant Head?

Awake the dead, raise up by grace

Your ransomed, holy heav’n-born race!


3.    Chosen, redeemed, and called we prove

The heights and depths of cov’nant love!

Saved by His sov’reign grace we sing

The glories of our God and King!


4.    Oh, soon our slumb’ring dust shall rise,

Then, joined our souls above the skies,

We’ll sing with joy and joy to tell

How Jesus vanquished death and hell!










Don Fortner



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