Don Fortner


My soul, consider this great thought-

The wondrous works which God has wrought,

His works from all eternity,

My God has done them all for me!


God's special love for all His own

Directs the power of His throne:

Elect and precious to my God,

All things predestined for my good.


Redeemed by blood, preserved by power

Unto that great appointed hour,

When God in mercy came to me,

He gave me life and set me free!


My God has never, never failed,

His grace and power have prevailed;

My heart, my soul, my life He holds,

By sovereign grace, within His fold.


And so, my God, I'll praise Your name,

Exalt Your grace, and spread Your fame;

Eternal, sovereign love and grace

Compel my heart to sing Your praise.


(Tune: Sun of My Soul)

Long Meter 88.88.