Don Fortner


My soul, awake, and see the light:

This world with all its vain delight,

The things I see and touch today,

These things of time must pass away.


Let worldly minds the world pursue,

My soul, this world is not for you.

My soul, this world is not for you.


The riches and the cares of earth,

Which seem to be of such great worth,

The things which others seek and serve,

I cannot seek and must not serve.


What shall it profit me to gain

The world, and all its wealth retain?

Immortal soul of mine, awake!

For Christ, the world I must forsake.


I've seen the Son of God revealed,

And by His grace I am compelled:

His grace and glory charm my heart,

For Christ, I bid this world depart.


Savior, I would be Thine alone,

If such a worthless worm You'll own:

For grace so boundless, love so free,

I give myself, O Christ, to Thee!


(Tune: The Solid Rock)

Long Meter with Refrain 88.88.