Don Fortner


(Tune: This Is My Father's World  #39  SMD)


My God, to You I come

And solemnly confess,

My sinful heart is prone to roam

From paths of righteousness

When I review the past

And all You've done for me,

I thank You for Your matchless grace,

So infinite and free!


Your sov'reign love and care

Thus far have brought me on;

Through sins and sorrows, woes and fear,

Your goodness is made known.

Maintain Your work within,

Make me to watch and pray,

Subdue my flesh and every sin,

And guide me in Your way.


Fill me with Your Spirit

And let me live and rest

On Jesus' power and merit,

Leaning upon His breast.

Teach me to live by faith,

Dependent on Your grace,

Triumphant over sin and death,

And keep my heart in peace!