MY GOD FOR ME A COVENANT MADE†††††††††††††††††


Don Fortner


(Tune: America The Beautiful††† #531CMD)


In union with the Son of God

From condemnation free

The chosen from forever were

And shall forever be!

Godís sons we were by Godís decree

From old eternity.

With every blessing we were blessed

In Christ our Surety.


My God for me a covínant made

(Ordered in all things sure!)

With Jesus Christ, His Son, my Head.

His covínant shall endure.

Though every earthly bond must break,

Each joy to sorrow turn,

Our Savior shall each sorrow make

Eternal joy return!


When sorrows come, or storms arise,

When sins your heart assail,

With hope to heavín lift up your eyes

To Christ within the vail.

Here let all weary pilgrims rest,

Who love the Saviorís name,

Though nothing in this world will last,

Godís covínant stands the same!