Don Fortner


Guilty, oppressed and vexed with sin,

My fear no words could tell;

God's law my soul in terror held

And threatened me with hell!

I tried, but found I could not do

One thing pleasing to God:

Neither my works nor all my prayers

Could ease me of my load.

I sank in deep despair and felt

That I would surely die:

"No hope for me, I'm lost, undone!"

My soul began to cry.

But then I heard the Savior say,

"Look unto Me and live,

My blood has full atonement made,

I can salvation give."


When Christ revealed Himself to me,

I looked, and I believed;

And trusting Him alone I have

Salvation now received!

My conscience now is free and clear,

And it condemns me not!

The precious blood of Jesus Christ

My sin has blotted out!


My sins are gone! My sins are gone!

Christ washed them all away!

He satisfied my awful debt,

There's nothing left to pay!

Now this is all my hope and peace,

And my security:

Christ Jesus lived in righteousness

And shed His blood for me!


(Tune: America the Beautiful)

Common Meter Double 86.96.D