Don Fortner

(Tune: Come Thou Fount”   #17    87.87.D)

Truth and mercy meet together,

Righteousness and peace embrace.

Each perfection of Jehovah

Shine in our Redeemer’s face.

God is just and Justifier!

Not one attribute is stained,

When the Father saves a sinner

Through His Son for sinners slain!


What a blessed consolation

In the gospel is proclaimed.

Christ secured our full salvation;

Yet, God’s justice is maintained.

Jesus’ precious blood’s atonement,

O my soul, with wonder tell,

Frees from sin, and guilt, and judgment,

And from endless death in hell!


Every soul on Christ believing

Has for hope a solid ground.

In our Savior’s merit standing,

We shall all our foes confound.

Let all self-abasing sinners

Who in Jesus Christ are found,

Rest assured they shall be winners

And with glory shall be crowned!