Love’s the Grace that Makes Us StrongDon Fortner

(Tune: #2—Love Divine—87.87D)


1.      When we think how God our Father

Does our countless faults forgive,

      How we ought to love each other

      And in loving-kindness live!

When my brother, or my sister,

Has a heavy, broken heart,

      Let my heart for such be tender,

      Weeping with each weeping heart.


2.      When the heart’s cast down with sadness,

Of the burden give me part;

And when You give times of gladness

Let joy flow from heart to heart!

      Let us each esteem the other

Better than ourselves to be;

      Let us each prefer the other—

      Full of love, from envy free!


3.      Let us truly love each other.

(Cease, forever, scorn and pride!)

Let us imitate our Savior,

And each other’s failings hide.

Love is known by deeds of kindness.

Love is never, never wrong!

Love’s the golden chain that binds us

Love’s the grace that makes us strong!