Lord Jesus, Savior, Prince Of Peace Ė Don Fortner

(Tune: #355 From Every Stormy Wind that Blows -- LM)


1.       Let every ransomed sinner tell, Our Savior has done all things well:

†††††† He justified us by His blood, And we by faith have peace with God.

2.       Justice and mercy, truth and love, Yes, evíry attribute of God,

†††††† United, make our peace secure. Our Godís unchanging grace is sure!

3.       Godís gifts of grace, so full and free, Stand firm as His own Deity.

†††††† Our God has sworn and cannot lie, Believing sinners cannot die!

4.       Lord Jesus, Savior, Prince of Peace, In Whom resides all truth and grace,

†††††† Itís by Your blood and grace alone We bow in peace before Your throne.

Don Fortner