Looking To Christ, March On, March On – Don Fortner

(Tune: #497 When I Can Read My Title Clear—CM)


Arise, my soul, shake off all fear;

       Let nothing hold you down.

       Looking to Christ, march on, march on, --

       To heav’n our Captain’s gone.


Though Satan, hell, and sin oppose,

        There is no cause for fear.

        Our enemies are vanquished foes.

        We more than victors are!


Our Savior nailed them to His cross, --

        Triumphant, see Him now.

        As sov’reign King, our Captain reigns.

        The crown is on His brow!


With confidence, my soul, march on

        To Christ and endless rest.

        The war’s been won! The strife soon done –

        Then bliss – Eternal bliss!