Let Us Our Conquered Foes Pursue — Don Fortner

(Tune: #44 — And Can it be that I Should Gain— LMD)


1.    When freed from SatanÕs tyrant hand and join-ed to EmmanuelÕs band,

A long and bitter war begins, with mighty foes and mightier sins.

Jesus, our Captain, leads the way and bids us fight and win the day.

He is our Armor for the war. His presence strikes our foes with fear!


2.    In ZionÕs camp, the trumpetÕs blown. ŌTis here our CaptainÕs powÕr is known;

Here He sends out His mighty Word. And conquests great attend His Sword.

On Calvary our Captain stood, and gainÕd the victÕry with His blood,

He fought, He bled, He died, He rose, and triumphÕd over all our foes.!


3.    Now, thoÕ the soldiers of the cross must fight, yet they sustain no loss:

Our Captain leads us to the field; and evÕry enemy must yield!

Let us our conquerÕd foes pursue: Our SaviorÕ honor keep in view;

Our mightiest foes HeÕll trample down, then place on us the conquÕrorÕs crown.









Don Fortner



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