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Let Ransomed Sinners form a Choir Don Fortner

(Tune: #293 — The LordÕs My Shepherd —CM)


1.    Let ransomed sinners form a choir

And sing with one accord!

Our theme the highest note requires, —

SalvationÕs of the Lord!


2.    Once sunk in sin, in guilt and shame,

With AdamÕs fallen race,

But pardoned in ImmanuelÕs name,

WeÕre saved by sovÕreign grace.


3.    Objects of God the FatherÕs love,

Redeemed by God the Son,

Taught by the Spirit from above,

JehovahÕs grace weÕll own.


4.    When unbelief disputes our right,

Close to the cross weÕll cling,

There put our slavish fears to flight,

And GodÕs salvation sing!








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