Let Others of Their Virtues Boast†††††††††††


Don Fortner


(Tune: There Is No Name So Sweet On Earth #443††††† 87.87D)



†††††† Let others of their virtues boast, Their free will and righteousness,

†††††††††† I am a wretched sinner lost Saved by Godís sovíreign, free grace!



††††††††††† Refrain:

††††††††††† I sing of free and sovíreign grace, Electing love and mercy,

††††††††††††††††††††††† And of effectual, saving blood For sinners shed at Calvíry!



†††††† Nothing had I for sin to pay, Nothing Godís grace to procure.

†††††††††† Iím only sin and misery, As guilty as I am poor!



†††††† I trust the Son of God, the Lamb, Who made atonement for me!

†††††††††† The righteousness of God in Him Has been imputed to me!



†††††† In Christ God sees no sin in me, But only His Sonís merit!

††††††††† Heíll not impute iniquity, Nor make me suffer for it.



†††††† The legalist hears this and cries, ďSin on that grace may abound!Ē

†††††††††† In sinners saved, by grace made wise, Another spirit is found.



†††††† Believers seek to honor God In thought, in word, and in deed,

†††††††††† Because in Christ, bought with His blood, From all the law we are freed!