Let Me Never, Never Doubt It — Don Fortner

(Tune: #185 — Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken — 87.87D)


1.        See our Savior groaning, bleeding,

With our names upon His breast

In the garden hear Him praying,

Falling to the ground distressed.

Angels must have been confounded,

As they heard the Savior cry,

Bleeding from His heart so wounded,

As He thus prepared to die!




2.        On the cross, our sins there bearing,

Hear Him cry in agony,

When made sin, as He was dying, —

“Why hast Thou forsaken Me?”

Then, at last, His work completed,

“It is finished!” was His cry.

Sin atoned and hell defeated,

Jesus bowed His head and died.




3.        See Him now enthroned in heaven

Risen and exalted high!

Proof that all my sin’s forgiven —

Justice has been satisfied!

Let me never, never doubt it,

But believe my blessed Lord.

Never reason more about it,

Savior, I believe Your Word.