Leprous Sinners, Vile And Filthy—Don Fortner

(Tune: O The Deep, Deep Love Of Jesus  #61    87.87.Double )


1.      Leprous sinners, vile and filthy, Come to Christ just as you are.

Only sick souls, not the healthy, Need the great Physician’s care.

Cease from all that carnal reason That would have you to prepare,

Or would have you meet conditions Causing God your soul to spare.


2.      Neither works nor deepest feelings, Knowledge great, nor bitter tears,

Can prepare your soul for healing, Or relieve your guilty fears.

Oh, beware of hope ill-grounded! Satan’s lie is all self-trust!

There’s no healing ‘til you’re wounded, No salvation ‘til you’re lost.


3.      There’s no hope in all your doing. Doctrine dry will never save!

But the broken-hearted, trembling, At God’s Word He will receive!

Leprous sinners, come to Jesus, Come, confess to Him your sin.

Trust Him and you’ll find Him gracious! Trusting Him, (Rejoice!), you’re clean!