Law and Grace       

 -- Don Fortner

(Tune: #118 When I Survey --LM )


The law demands we pay our debt.

(Justice cannot forgive one cent.)

But grace points to the Lamb of God,

And says our debt He paid with blood.


The law provokes and stirs up sin,

And makes more hard the hearts of men;

But grace, (Almighty grace!), imparts

Life and melts rebel sinners’ hearts.


“Go, do the work,” the law demands;

Yet gives me neither feet nor hands.

But grace the gospel’s good news brings,

Says, “Fly to Christ,” and gives me wings!


With wings of love and wings of faith,

Sinners awakened from their death,

Fly to the throne of grace and see

God in His Son is all mercy!


My soul, on wings of faith, now fly,

And soar aloft to God on High.

Faint not, nor falter in the race;

But run, and work, and sing, “FREE GRACE!”