Don Fortner


Lord, look not on my guilty soul,

I am a man of sin,

In thought, in word, in heart, in deed,

I'm nothing else but sin:

My best desires are only dregs

Of my polluted heart;

My righteous deeds are filthy rags,

Spun from my sinful heart.


Yet, if You will I know You can

My guilt and sin erase,

Through Jesus' blood and righteousness,

And save me by Your grace:

Oh, God be merciful to me,

A guilty wretch undone,

Forgive my sin and cleanse my heart

Through Jesus Christ Your Son.


Lord, look on Christ the Substitute,

Who one for sinners died;

I have no hope of grace and life,

But Jesus crucified-

Lord Jesus, I now place my soul

Into Your nail-pierced hands;

Lord, plead for me and hold me fast

In Your almighty hands.


(Tune: I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say)

Common Meter Double 86.86.D