Don Fortner


(Tune: Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone? #342)


      Grace has inspired a great desire

      Within my heart to be

      Conformed to Christ, my blessed Lord,

      In His humanity.


      This great desire I seek, I know

      Cannot be here performed:

      My sinful flesh forbids such hope,

      While living in this form.


      Still I must strive to be like Christ,

      Who lived and died for me:

      The law that motivates my heart,

      My Rule of life is He.


      His boldness in His Father's cause,

      Submission to His will,

      His life of love and purity,

      Is my example still.


      So, Savior, intercede for me,

      And by Your Spirit's pow'r

      Cause me to follow in Your steps

      Until my dying hour.


      Then I shall drop this robe of flesh,

      And rise to meet my God:

      Freed from all sin and perfect then,

      I'll be like Christ my God!